Yogi: A Masterstroke or Blunder?

I knew Mr. PM will bring the name of someone that would be like a bomb. Though I was rooting for Manoj Sinha because he was a fair choice. He has done enough work for his constituency as well as the upliftment of poor people.

I was shocked when I heard this news. Few days back I was discussing the very same thing with a friend and he was quite in the favor of Mr. Yogi but I wasn’t.

What exactly UP needs?

  1. UP needs someone who is fearless.
  2. UP needs someone who can take some big and strong action.
  3. UP needs someone who can do work which is visible in next two years.


  1. Fearless? To end the gunda raj of Akhilesh Yadav. The law and order of the state is so poor that houses of lower class was being burnt because SP lost the election.
  2. Bold decision? There are endless chances, scope and resource which can be used to develop the state. But unfortunately, nobody used the resources properly till date.
  3. Changes in two years? To be there in central government after 2019, Modi needs to work for UP more rigorously or else people won’t elect him again. That’s the truth. And the road to Delhi go from UP and Bihar.

Why Yogi?

There can be hundreds of reasons but I will focus on one reasons:

  • Modi want to end the caste system voting in UP. And Yogi was a perfect choice for that because of his hindutva image. Why are muslims and lower caste people are treated as vote bank? Why is it so hard to accept the fact that the person who hold strong hindu ideologies won’t work for muslims? His work for the next two year will speak for him. He can either increase the gap or bring Hindu/Muslims/Minorities under same roof. I hope for the later one.

Why Modi choose Yogi over Manoj Sinha, Rajnath Singh and Mr. Maurya?

There is no answer to this question and except PM, nobody can answer this. -_-

When demonetization happened everyone criticized Modi to great extent. But it turned out to be a master stroke in this election.

All we can do is trust Modi. We voted for him and not for Yogi, BJP or RSS. Ab modi ka kaam bolega UP mein. (Now modi’s work will speak in UP)


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