Right Or Kind, what would you choose?


Background: A person who has failed an exam.

Being Right:

You know what, the exam for which you are preparing is really difficult. I don’t think you can make it. Look out for some other options.

Being Kind:

You are not the only one who has failed. It’s okay. You will clear it next time.

Being Right and Kind:

I understand that the papers were difficult this time. Also, the chances of clearing the exam is really low. But I know you can make it. You have come this far, just a little more hard work and you would be living your dreams. Also, we can explore the other options as well.

To be right, doesn’t mean you have to be blunt and harsh. The right thing and the kindness can walk hand-in-hand. There is nothing great in being right and harsh.

It’s all about your perception. 🙂


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